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The University Lectures Support Request Form is now available online (  Please log-in with your Net ID and choose Submit Proposal | University Lectures Support Request Form.  All information should be entered online and all documents should be uploaded in PDF format.  Requests are due by the 15th of the month to be included on that month's ballot.

If you encounter any problems or have feedback/questions, please contact the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty at 608-262-3956 or


Fitch Funds available to bring American business experts to campus
(deadline January 31, 2017)

The William Fitch Scholarship Fund was created with the specific goal of bringing to Madison experts, especially businesspeople, to give lectures on the American free-enterprise system. The Lectures Committee has issued a special call for applications that specifically addresses this topic. While many of the same University Lectures regulations apply to this call, use of these funds is not charged against a sponsoring unit's credit for the use of regular Lectures Committee funds. In other words, whereas the committee normally supports at most one lecture per semester for any one unit, if the lecture topic meets the Fitch Fund's requisite criteria, the unit remains eligible to receive support for another lecture taking place during the same semester. The funding limitations normally associated with Lectures applications also do not apply to this call; the selection committee will consider all reasonable lecture-related funding to bring business experts to campus to discuss the free-enterprise system.

The University Lecture Committee is currently accepting applications for use of Fitch Funds through Janaury 31, 2017. When submitting an application, units simply note that they are requesting Fitch Funds in the Budget section.

Instructions for Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations at the UW-Madison (i.e., student organizations formally registered with the Office of the Dean of Students) may request financial support from the Lectures Committee for bringing an outstanding speaker to the UW campus. Like any other University Lecture, a lecture sponsored by a student organization must take place on the Madison campus and be open to the public without charge.

This document outlines special instructions and procedures regarding sponsorship of a University Lecture by a student organization. General information about preparing and submitting lecture requests is presented in Policies and Guidelines for Requesting Lectures Committee Support. Both the Policies and Guidelines document and this document should be read before a student organization submits a request for Lectures Committee support.


As specified in the Policies and Guidelines document, a lecture request submitted by a registered student organization must be co-sponsored by an academic department.

    A. Any registered student organization wishing to bring a guest speaker to the campus for a public lecture should first contact a university department (or several departments) and seek co-sponsorship of the request.

    B. If through its own initiatives the student organization is unable to find a department that will co-sponsor the request, the student organization should confer with the chair of the Lectures Committee. The chair will attempt to aid the group in its search for a co-sponsoring department.

    C. If the second step does not produce a co-sponsor, the Lectures Committee will consider co-sponsorship with the student organization.


The Lectures Committee encourages departments to give full consideration to proposals that student organizations bring to them for co-sponsorship of lectures. NOTE WELL: While the Lectures Committee limits academic departments to one lecture per semester, co-sponsoring a lecture request submitted by a student organization is not counted as a lecture request from that department.

The decision to co-sponsor a lecture with a student organization is one the academic department must make. In considering a proposal for joint sponsorship, the department is obliged to assess the subject of the lecture and the speaker's qualifications. Standard criteria stated in the Policies and Guidelines document (see section IV) should be applied.


A request for Lectures Committee support of a lecture co-sponsored by a student organization and an academic department should be prepared in the following manner:

    A. The representative of the student organization initiating the request prepares the Lectures Committee Support Request Form, making certain that guidelines presented in the Policies and Guidelines for Requesting Lectures Committee Support are followed.

    B. The chair of the co-sponsoring academic department signs the Support Request Form and writes a letter endorsing the request. Doing so affirms the department's decision to sponsor the lecture jointly with the student organization.

    The committee will consider the request and will notify both the student organization and the academic department of its decision.


When a student organization and an academic department agree to co-sponsor a lecture, the division of responsibilities related to the lecture must be clearly defined. Handling the fiscal aspects of the lecture and serving as the official contact for the lecture are responsibilities of the academic department. Responsibility for all other lecture arrangements are to be divided between the student organization and the academic department.

The Lectures Committee expects the representatives of the student organization and the academic department to keep each other fully informed of all developments so there is no confusion about such matters as: corresponding with the speaker, securing a room for the lecture, preparing publicity (including information for the Lectures Committee posters), hospitality for the speaker, and chairing the program.


Questions regarding sponsorship of University Lectures by registered student organizations, or Lectures Committee support for such lectures, should be addressed to 608-262-3956 or

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