Kemper K. Knapp Bequest Funded Requests 2017-2018

 Project Title/Description    Project Sponsor   Amount  Approved 
 Baytunaa  African Cultural Studies  $1,000
 Campus Food Shed  Horticulture / The F.H. King Students for Sustainable Agriculture  $4,859
 Chancellor's Scholarship Program  Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs  $75,000
 Community Gatherings Program Luncheons  Chican@ & Latin@ Studies Program  $8,000
 Concrete Canoe Team  Civil and Environmental Engineering  $5,000
 Energy Analysis and Policy Program   Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies   $720 
 Engineers Without Borders Guatemala Team   Civil and Environmental Engineering   $10,000 
 Evening of Storytelling  American Indian Studies  $5,000
 Futoransky Lecture  Spanish and Portuguese  $1,000
 Garage Physics  Physics   $6,000 
 Graduate School University Fellowships  Graduate School  $338,708
 Human Powered Vehicle Team  Mechanical Engineering  $3,675
 Insight Wisconsin  College of Engineering  $3,500
 Kaleidoscope Conference  Spanish and Portuguese  $4,200
 L&S Honors Sophomore Summer Research Apprenticeship  L&S Honors Program  $13,000
 Legal Education Opportunities Program  Law School  $75,000
 Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences  College of Agricultural and Life Sciences  $1,500
 Morgridge Center's Transportation Options Program  Morgridge Center for Public Service  $40,000
 Office of Student Financial Aid Scholarships  Office of Student Financial Aid  $630,000
 Print and Digital Culture  School of Library and Information Studies  $4,900
 Provost Sophomore Research Fellowship Program  Office of the Provost  $30,000
 Steel Bridge Team  Civil and Environmental Engineering  $5,000
 University Lectures Committee  Office of the Secretary of the Faculty  $35,000
 Village Health Project  College of Agriculture and Life Sciences  $4,953

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