Distinguished Teaching Awards Nominations

TO:                  Deans, Department Chairs, Faculty Members, Registered Student Organizations

FROM:            UW-Madison Teaching Awards Committee

RE:                  Call for Nominations for UW-Madison Faculty Teaching Awards

We invite individual faculty members, departments, and student organizations to submit nominations of faculty members whose teaching is of such quality that it merits recognition and award. The committee encourages the nomination of any exceptional distinguished teacher, regardless of specialty or rank. Twelve outstanding teachers received awards in 2016. A list of past recipients is found on the Secretary of the Faculty website.

The UW-Madison faculty distinguished teaching awards are:

  •          Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Awards (6 are awarded);
  •          Chancellor's Inclusive Excellence Award, which recognizes achievements in diversity and inclusion (2 are awarded);
  •          Class of 1955 Teaching Excellence Award, which is designated for an instructor, assistant, or associate professor;
  •          William H. Kiekhofer Teaching Award, the first teaching award presented at the UW, designated for an L&S assistant professor or associate professor;
  •          Emil Steiger Teaching Award, created in 1958;
  • Van Hise Outreach Teaching Award, created to recognize excellence in outreach teaching.

In addition to recommending recipients of UW-Madison faculty distinguished teaching awards to the provost, the Teaching Awards Committee also selects nominations of faculty for UW System* awards: the Regents Teaching Excellence Award recognizes outstanding career achievements in teaching at a UW System institution and the Alliant Energy Underkofler Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes outstanding teaching that leads to substantial intellectual growth in students. This year the committee expects to forward to UW System one faculty nomination for the Alliant Energy Underkofler Excellence in Teaching Award.

Departments wishing to submit nominations specifically for the Van Hise Outreach Award should check the appropriate box on the nomination title page. Otherwise, it is not necessary for a nominating department to name a specific award for which a faculty member is being nominated; the Teaching Awards Committee will use its discretion to decide which nominations best meet the criteria for each award.

The Teaching Awards Committee requests electronic submission of nominations.
In order to ensure that all nominations receive equal consideration, we ask that you adhere to the relevant nominating procedures. Nominations for all faculty teaching awards are due by Monday, 5 December 2016 and should be sent as a single PDF file to the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty at admin@secfac.wisc.edu.  The committee cannot accept nominations after that date. Direct questions either to the committee co-chairs, Professor Susan Brantly (sbrantly@wisc.edu) or Professor Jake Vander Zanden (mjvanderzand@wisc.edu), or to the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty (sof@secfac.wisc.edu). 

Susan Brantly [co-chair]
Regina Murphy
Sissel Schroeder
Gary Shiu
Jake Vander Zanden [co-chair]
Jacob Gardner [student]
Brett Nachman [student]

* Faculty who have previously received a UW-Madison distinguished teaching award are eligible for UW System awards, and the committee encourages such nominations.  Because the committee strives to recognize as many outstanding teachers as possible, nominations for individuals who have already been recognized with a teaching award must document and demonstrate significant additional accomplishments.

(including UW-Madison and UW System awards)

Note: Due to the large number of nominations received, it is essential that the established procedures be followed and page limits respected.

Individual faculty members, departments, or student organizations may present to the committee one or more nominations for a distinguished teaching award. Nominators should coordinate their nominations with the chair of the nominee's department. No more than two nominees per department will be accepted. 

Each nominee shall hold the rank of instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor and should have completed at least three years at UW-Madison while in one of these ranks. Previous recipients of UW-Madison awards are eligible for UW System awards only.

Supporting data for each nominee shall be supplied in the following order as a single pdf:

1. Nomination title page

2. An abbreviated (five pages maximum)
curriculum vitae of nominee. Limit to twenty the number of publications listed, including those related to teaching.

3. Letters of support, with signatures as evidence of authenticity. Letter writers should present specific examples:

a.       A letter from the department chair supporting the nomination and stressing the nominee's contributions to teaching, indicating how the nominee has made an unusual impact in teaching by identifying the qualities that make this nominee extraordinary. Include a brief summary of the nominee's research and service. If the chair of a department is nominated, then a letter from the associate chair or appropriate departmental representative shall be submitted.

b.      Only two supporting letters from present or past students. At least one of these letters should be from a student with recent or current contact with the nominee.

c.       Only two supporting letters from colleagues (other than students) who are qualified and specifically asked to comment on the quality and nature of the nominee's teaching.

4. A one- or two-page reflective statement by the nominee on his or her teaching and learning philosophy, practices, and objectives and how these have evolved over time.

Evidence of the success of the candidate's teaching (no more than ten pages), including:

a.       A list of contributions and achievements of the nominee that indicate dedication to and excellence in teaching, e.g., authorship of textbooks, audio-visual aids, video, or other visual links, published works pertinent to teaching, activities related to extracurricular student programs, local or national teaching awards, grants received for teaching improvement programs, etc. Do not submit the actual items (books, etc.) with the nomination.

b.      A summary of student evaluations of teaching, including numerical data (where applicable) and a representative selection of student comments (if available) for each course taught. The evaluations should have been made within the past two years. Raw data should not accompany this summary. However, the summary should include: (a) a copy of the questionnaire(s) used showing the specific questions asked; (b) a description of how the student evaluations were solicited and administered; (c) the mean scores for each question asked in the evaluation of every class taught by the nominee; and (d) the department’s mean scores for each question asked in the evaluation.

c.       The distribution of grades given by the nominee in each course within the past two years (i.e., how many As, ABs, ..., Fs were given in each course). Do not submit raw data such as grade sheets. Include grade distribution and the associated grade point averages.

d.      Other relevant material (e.g., course syllabi, descriptions of methods for evaluating student learning, examinations, etc.) These items should be accompanied by a brief explanation of why they were included in the dossier, i.e., how they document the excellence of the nominee's teaching.

6. FOR VAN HISE OUTREACH AWARD NOMINATIONS ONLY: A list of major programs (courses, workshops, etc.) taught in the last three years including the location and brief description of the clientele. The list should demonstrate: 1) the ability to teach out-of-school adults and non-traditional students in a variety of settings, formats, and through different media; 2) the commitment to the Wisconsin Idea of providing life-long learning opportunities for the residents of the state; and 3) the ability to develop innovative programs responsive to public needs.

ALL NOMINATIONS should conclude with a summary statement of not more than one page that highlights the major reasons why the nominee should be considered for special recognition.

The deadline for the receipt of completed nominations is Monday, December 5, 2016
. The committee cannot accept nominations after that date. Please send the nomination packet as a single pdf file to the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty at admin@secfac.wisc.edu.  If the nomination is a re-submittal, the committee would appreciate having the information updated with recent student teaching evaluations and possibly new letters from students and colleagues. The committee will not consider nominations that do not follow the guidelines given above.