Distinguished Teaching Awards Recipients

2017 Press Release

Distinguished Teaching Awardees List since 1953

Year  Name    Rank   Award   Department 
 2017 Sandra Adell Professor Chancellor Afro-American Studies
  Thomas DuBois Professor Chancellor German, Nordic and Slavic Languages
  Jordan Schmidt Associate Professor Chancellor Chemistry
  Terry Warfield Professor Chancellor Accounting and Information Systems
  Claire Wendland Professor Chancellor Anthropology
  Stephen Young Assistant Professor Chancellor Geography
  Cindy I-Fen Cheng Associate Professor Inclusive Excellence History
  Stephen Quintana Professor Inclusive Excellence Counseling Psychology
  Ralph Grunewald Assistant Professor Kiekhofer Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies / Center for Law, Society and Justice
  Catherine Middlecamp Professor Steiger Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
  Daniel Kapust Associate Professor Class of 1955 Political Science
  Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau Professor Van Hise Outreach Computer Sciences
  Russ Castronovo Professor  UW System Underkofler  English 
 2016 Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau
Professor Chancellor
Computer Sciences
  David Brow
Professor Chancellor Biomolecular Chemistry
  Russ Castronovo
Professor Chancellor English
  Ivan Ermakoff
Professor Chancellor Sociology
  Holly Gibbs
Assistant Professor Chancellor Geography
  Lauren Riters
Professor Chancellor
  Keisha Lindsay
Assistant Professor Inclusive Excellence
Gender and Women's Studies
  Ahna Skop
Associate Professor Inclusive Excellence
  Daniel Erman
  Basil Tikoff
Professor Steiger
  Linn Posey-Maddox
Assistant Professor Class of 1955
Educational Policy Studies
  John Moore
Van Hise Outreach
 2015  David Baum Professor  Chancellor  Botany
   Karen Britland Professor  Chancellor  English
   Jill Casid Professor  Inclusive Excellence  Art History
   Finn Enke Professor  Chancellor  Gender and Women's Studies
   Jonathan Gray Professor  Chancellor  Communication Arts
   Jenny Higgins Assistant Professor  Steiger  Gender and Women's Studies
   Alicia Paredes Assistant Professor  Class of 1955  Spanish and Portuguese
   John Parrish Professor  Chancellor  Animal Science
   Barry Van Veen Professor  Chancellor  Electrical and Computer Engineering
   Craig Werner Professor  Van Hise Outreach  Afro-American Studies
   Eric Wilcots Professor  Inclusive Excellence  Astronomy
   John Zumbrunnen Professor  Underkoefler  Political Science

 Jordan Zweck Assistant Professor  Kiekhofer English

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