Biological Sciences Divisional Committee Meetings

Meetings are held during the academic year on Fridays, starting at 1:30 p.m. (committee members are asked to hold the full afternoon), in 128 Bascom Hall.

All items for the agenda must be received by divisional committees staff at least three weeks before the meeting at which action is requested (deadlines appear in parentheses below). If more cases are submitted than can be accommodated at a particular meeting, the divisional committee chair will consider factors such as reviewer availability and the urgency of the decision when determining which cases to postpone for review at a future meeting.


  • 8 September (deadline: noon on 18 August)
  • 6 October (deadline: noon on 8 September)
  • 3 November (deadline: noon on 6 October)
  • 8 December (deadline: noon on 3 November)
  • 12 January (deadline: noon on 8 December)
  • 2 February (deadline: noon on 12 January)
  • 2 March (deadline: noon on 2 February)
  • 6 April (deadline: noon on 2 March)
  • 4 May (deadline: noon on 6 April)