(As approved by the Faculty Senate on 15 May 1978,
with subsequent amendments as of 06 March 2017)



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11.01. Summer Sessions
11.02. Summer Session Administration
11.03. Summer Session Compensation
11.04. Deferral of Summer Session Compensation


There shall be summer sessions of such lengths as may be approved by the chancellor.

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    A. The director of the summer sessions is appointed by the chancellor and acts as the general coordinating officer, with specific responsibility for publications related to the summer sessions.

    B. After the educational programming has been effected by the departments and the college deans, the deans submit programs and budgets to the chancellor through the director. After the budget has been approved, appointments and payrolls are administered by the departments in the same manner as during the regular academic year.

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    For full service in a summer session rendered by a member of the faculty, the compensation shall be at the rate of one-ninth of the previous academic year's salary for each four weeks of service. Compensation for part-time service shall be appropriately prorated.

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      A. By depositing salaries, earned by teaching in the summer sessions, in the Summer Sessions Deposits of the University Trust Funds, members of the university faculty (as defined in 1.02.) may defer compensation for that session(s) to a later academic term during which they have no other university compensation; however, deferred compensation under this program may not be taken in summer.

      B. For full service in summer sessions, in lieu of money compensation, members of the university faculty may be paid full salary at some future time at the rate of one semester's salary for teaching twelve weeks in summer sessions, and one academic year's salary for teaching twenty-four weeks in summer sessions.

      C. Participation in the accumulated-leave program is available only to university faculty on academic year appointments.

      D. At the close of each summer session(s), those faculty members who are eligible to make deposits may endorse their checks and deliver them to the university trust officer for deposit in the Summer Sessions Account.

      E. Twelve weeks of summer salary is the maximum that may be deposited in any one year. The maximum amount of summer salary deposits which may be accumulated at any one time by any one individual is twenty-four weeks.

      F. A semester's payment under this program may occur only once in three years; a year's payment only once in six years. The one year's deferred compensation earned under this plan must be utilized within five years.

      G. Faculty members may, upon due notice in writing, withdraw their deposits in cash, thus canceling their deferred compensation credit. In the event that they have several deposits and desire to withdraw only a part of them, the deposits will be paid in the order of their age, the oldest deposit being paid first.

      H. It is not the policy of the university to pay deferred compensation when the deferral period is to be used for teaching elsewhere or for engaging in other salaried occupations.

      I. When faculty members retire, die, or withdraw their deposits before using accumulated credits, they or their estates shall receive the amount of salary deposited at the time the summer work was done, plus interest.

      J. Deposits made prior to 1961 are subject to the rules as they appear in the 1960 Laws and Regulations Governing The University of Wisconsin. Deposits made between 1961 and June 30, 1967, are subject to the revised regulations approved by the Board of Regents December 9, 1960. Deposits made on or after July 1, 1968, are subject to the revised regulations approved by the Board of Regents on March 15, 1968, and deposits made after July 1, 1978, are subject to the provisions of these rules.

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